ZTF Schedule Reporting Service

This page provides basic documentation for the public schedule reporting service deployed by the Zwicky Transient Facility.


This service provides advanced notification of the planned observations for ZTF’s public surveys, enabling coordinated observing by other facilities.


The schedule plans are available for download at (json) and (VOTable).

Typically the schedule will be available at 00:30 UTC.


Planned observations are reported using a format recommended in the IVOA ObsLocTAP standard (v1.0).

The IVOA recommendation calls for a queryable TAP service that is updated dynamically with the results of the observations. While we may implement such a service in the future, at this time we are providing a single static report of each night’s observing plan for the public surveys.

Information on the completed observations can be obtained here.

The filters of the planned observation are encoded using the em_* parameters as follows:

ZTF Filter em_min em_max em_res_power
ZTF g 416.700e-9 542.756e-9 3.8
ZTF r 568.941e-9 717.164e-9 4.3
ZTF i 722.536e-9 869.910e-9 5.4